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Hey there! A nice feature would be to connect two sections. The good thing for you is, that this is a feature which is easy to add: You would just have to add a new option at the section options which would be a dropdown menu with following options: - remove space to upper section - remove space to the section below - remove space to surrounding sections In combination with the "hide in menu" option we would be able to have "custom sections". Another way to realize my idea would be: 1. Press "add new section" 2. Press "combine sections" 3. Choose up to 5 (or less if 5 is not possible) sections in the right order to combine them and get a custom section I think this is one of the most needed features at the moment. Feel free to contact me about this idea.

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    Thanks for sending us the idea for building a customizable section! We've released our Make Your Own section. You can insert text boxes, different media components, buttons, and more!  Add it from the section selector to try it out! 

    We'd love to hear your feedback on it so send your thoughts our way :).



    Susan Lou
    Product at Strikingly

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    Thanks for posting your idea! We’re reviewing this request and we’ll update with you if we start working on this feature. Thanks again for your suggestion!

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