Automatic support for Google AMP pages (faster page loads, might improve SEO)

Strikingly needs to support Google Accelerated Mobile pages. Wordpress, Squarespace, Reddit, Medium, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest all support and use AMP pages already. 

Strikingly doesn't. If Strikingly doesn't support AMP pages soon, our users will have comparably worse experiences, and our sites will perform poorer in the SEO rankings due to lower click through rates and share rates (speed is an important ranking criteria).

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Is there an ETA/timeline for Google AMP support?

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    Happiness Officer
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    Thanks for the feedback! You can now enable AMP for your blog pages now. Check out how to here and happy blogging!

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    Wesley Kwok

    Agreed. Google has recently started shifting to mobile-first index. In short, there is a much larger emphasis placed on mobile-friendly websites. Part of that is the page load time. Please start adding AMP functionality to prevent Strikingly users from suffering from poor rankings.

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    Paulo Andrade

    3/4 of my traffic are from mobile. This will make a huge difference.

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    Caroline Heymes

    completely agree !

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    +1 !

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