subcategories in simple store

Now that the simple store has upgraded to 100 articles it would be nice...no NEEDED...to be able to have subcategories to make the shopping experience easier !

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    Strikingly Tech
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    Thank you so much for your patience! Just a quick update.

    We just rolled out Simple Store Product Categorization. You'll be able to group products into different categories and add multiple Simple Store sections to a single site. Please feel free to send us your feedback!

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    William Khadiri

    it will definitely will be useful

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    Totally. Subcategories seems like such an obvious thing, I'm a somewhat amazed that it's not available now. 

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    Roxana Samson

    Yes, I would really appreciate subcategories for making a difference between the type of my paintings I sell.(canvas, paper, oil, acrylic, etc).

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