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I suggest to create the option "hide page". It means, the possibility to have a large number of "Pages", but most of them hidden from the menu.

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    Happiness Officer
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    Thanks for your patience everyone! We've just released the hide page functionality for multi-page sites. We hope that this feature will be useful for your site build and thanks for your feedback :). 

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    This feature would be really useful. We're experiencing this problem at the moment. We have  lot of content but don't want it all included in the menu.

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    I agree. The top nav gets too cluttered.  is this a feature they are implementing?


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    Conor Brady

    oh well I guess we got tired of waiting for this feature and having to ask for someone to hide a new page every time, we just asked for 20 new pages that were pre hidden and they decided to give us just 7, pretty frustrating as we've been there for a while now... as such, our strikingly days are coming to a close as we migrate across to wix, thanks strikinly guys

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    I also concur.   It would be awesome to hide pages from the menu.

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