Gift Certificate

There is the need within your promo codes to be able to set up a one time usage code.

I want to be able to offer gift certificates to my store, but there currently isn't an option. All I can do is offer a special code for a flat amount off a purchase. But there is nothing that prevents that person or their friends or family from using that code over and over.   

I can cap the timing by using an expiration date, but I would really need to be able to cap the usage to make it feasible. 

Gift certificates would be great give-aways too. 

Please let me know if this can be incorporated into your coupon offerings! Thank you! 

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    Happiness Officer

    Hi, Tim! For one gift certificate, how much, do you think, would you cap for usage? I'd like to understand more what you need. And while I can't promise anything to you right now, I can check this out with our devs and see if we can put it in the pipes. 

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