Form names

Please give us the option to name our forms. 


When we download to XL, one list will go to one staffer and another list will go to another staffer. As is, we will have to manually sort and wouldn't have to if I could separate/sort the forms by name.

For now, everything reads "contact form" and we have multiple forms. 

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    Happiness Officer

    Hi, Kathleen! 

    Thanks for sharing your awesome idea. We understand the importance of it and the necessity of adding a better way to sort/label the responses on our forms. It gets really messy especially if you have two or more contact forms on different pages. 

    Sadly, we'll need to close this thread as it's a duplicate. Head over to this post and continue to upvote, leave your comments, feedback and suggestions. Stay tuned on it for future updates regarding this feature. Cheers!

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