Sort My Sign Up's - Sign Up Form Allocation to Specific Mailing Lists

Hey Guys,

I noticed that there is no way of differentiating where or from which sign up form a specific sign up originates from.

This causes a rather large problem if you are using your multipage site as landing pages and sign up pages for digital products. On a side note... Strikingly is not very digital product friendly. 

The problem is that you now have the unforgiving task of manually separating where those sign up's came from. Also, you would have to guess what form the sign up originates from.

I would like to propose that there should be a way to connect any specific sign up form as well as a payment button to send the sign-up information to a specific MailChimp mailing list or automation software like Active Trail or ClickFunnels. It kind of defeats the point of building a mailing list if you have no idea what the person signed up for in the first place. Was it my newsletter, my new online course or was it private coaching?

The benefit to Strikingly is that you could market this as a very prominent feature. I don't think your competitors would have this feature either. It would be the capacity to run very basic sales funnel from right inside your Strikingly platform. Mailing lists, for most online marketers, mean money. It's important that each sign up receives the information that they requested in the first place.

Thanks so much in advance!


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    +1. Marketers need it!

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    Linda Neaton

    Even just a basic solution in the interim - how about the ability to identify the page the signup came from?

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    Happiness Officer

    Hi there! 

    Thanks for sharing your awesome idea. We understand the importance of it and the necessity of adding a better way to sort/label the responses on our forms. It gets really messy especially if you have two or more contact forms on different pages. 

    Sadly, we'll need to close this thread as it's a duplicate. Head over to this post and continue to upvote, leave your comments, feedback and suggestions. Stay tuned on it for future updates regarding this feature. Cheers!

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