shipping to "pickup" option

I would like to see an option in the shipping portion to be able for my customers to "pickup" therefore paying no shipping cost.  


I would also like to see an updated shopping cart where there is more room for product description. Since skincare products have to have all their ingredients listed, sometimes there is not enough room, which may force me to have to leave strikingly unfortunately.


thank you!

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    Hi, Kendra, and Alana! Our project manager also believes that it is a great idea to have variations on shipping fee (or pickup option) for each product, locations, and weight. It made its way to our top list but we have to reach the required number of votes to pull the trigger. We previously received a similar request so please go to this post to 'upvote' the idea (you can also post your comments, feedback, and suggestions). Currently, our product description box allows up to 600 characters but we are still open to the possibility. I will need to close this one so we can gather the votes in a single thread. Thanks for your help! :)

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    YES YES YES!! I need the same! PLEASE Strikingly, PLEASE add a simple "Local Pickup" option for my customers to select at checkout. Nothing fancy, just a checkbox or something like that. This would save my having to refund their shipping cost every time they checkout, which is off-putting for them, and annoying for me. 

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