Customize color scheme

It will be very helpful that at least as a paid feature one would be able to customize the colour scheme independently of the Template one is using. 

Right now it is possible to have two customized colours, but what would be ideal, to properly follow brand guidelines while building the website, would be to work with the palette stated on the brand book. 

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    Hello! We've already released this feature. You can use our newest templates (usually on top of our template selection page) and have fun with editing colors for your website. Check this out:

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    Happiness Officer

    Thanks for sending this in :) We try to make website building easy and simple so we offer our users quick options to build their website. I understand if you need more control though--we can make it happen for you but we can only use codes for now. 

    I can't promise anything right now but we'd look into it. By the way, how many colors do you have on your brand book? 

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