The Arts Initiative I work with has multiple ongoing projects that require at least one RSS feed. Rather than creating multiple external links as part of the main navigation on the home page, I would love to have multiple blogs underneath the "Projects" header. This keeps all our projects separately archived and accessible. 

The alternative is to have an external link, but rather than placing the external link in the main navigation menu, it could be placed under an existing menu item, say, 'Projects.'

Something like this would make separate initiatives much easier to keep track of!

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    Happiness Officer

    Wanderlust, that's a great nickname! :) 

    Thanks for reaching out. We're aware that external linking is not the best solution and we are currently working on it. I will add you to our users beta list so you can try out our new feature that will allow multiple sections as soon as it comes out. Our product manager will contact you soon and let you know more about this. 

    Hope it helps! 



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    Dave Weatherall

    This sounds interesting! Good to hear it is planned. I'd really like to be on the Beta list too please :D

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