file transfer protocol (FTP) functionality

Would be great to have FTP functionality so that visitors can download some of the data products we offer

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    Thanks for posting your suggestion. We’re reviewing your request and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we work on this feature. Thanks again for your suggestion!
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    Betsy Klein
    FTP!!! let us send work to clients from our own site without 3rd party apps
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    Would be so useful to have FTP functionality !!!

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    Alejandro Gomez Aguilar

    Hi, so did strikingly now have FTP functionality?

    Hope having a Great day

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    FTP upload of images to a webpage or the entire page for updating weather or webcam snaps would be great.  Not for data storage but to help create dynamic and automated updates to a webpage.  For example uploading graphics or text from my personal weather station every hour...

    Otherwise I am very new to Strikingly and have much to learn about it..


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    Reid Withrow

    This needs to be addressed ASAP. We cant run google shopping campaigns without this access. Which makes our sites built pretty much null. Please do the right thing strikingly.

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