Support SVG files

Support of SVG files for graphics

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    Happiness Officer
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    Thanks for posting your suggestion! We're reviewing this request and we'll get in touch with you once we start working on it. Thanks again for your feedback!
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    Hey! Do you have any progress on this? Would be so great!

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    David Duris

    Yes ! Pleaaaaaaaase <3

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    John newell Newell

    Hi there guys.....
    massive fan as always - but really? 
    2 and a half years gone

    December 04, 2015 23:39

    "we'll get in touch with you once we start working on it"

    SVG : strikingly : still no clear future for it ?

    Whilst your backend management and optimisation of images is very good, the inability to ENSURE perfectly sharp resized (vector- styled) images is less than ideal

    While the better platforms ( and all major BROWSERS ) use or deliver SVG -
    strikingly still hasn't caught up with the crisp, lossless user graphic imagery that should be available for user upload and display.

    Simply :

    • JPG is lossy
    • SVG is lossless, resizable, deploys unlimited colors - suited perfectly for graphics and logos, as well as FAwesome type delivery and perfect for Retina / high-dpi screens

    When can we ( can we at all? ) expect to see SVG deployed natively,
    rather that having to resort to EMBEDDING it ?

    to quote David Duris : 

    Pleaaaaaaaase <3



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    Teri Morris

    You guys are great. Massive fan here too. But you need to get on board with this. It's becoming more and more important. Thanks!

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