Re-size and change position of images in simple blog

I would love a little more control in how my blog looks. Right now, everything can only be moved up or down in a vertical line so I can have paragraph, paragraph, centered one-sized image, paragraph etc. But I'd like the option to have my image to the right or left of a paragraph and also to be able to resize it within that post so I can line it up with the relevant text.

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    Happiness Officer
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    Thank you very much for your feedback! We know that image editing is a very important function for customizing your blog. So we’re reviewing this suggestion and we'll keep you updated if there’s any progress on this feature. Thank you!
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    Richard Young
    Completely agree with this, I need to embed images alongside text.
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    Sarah Jeter

    I agree with this, and think it's a little ridiculous that this type of basic editing feature has not already been implemented. I could do this on Livejournal in the 90's; why is it not doable in Strikingly's pleasantly modern interface?

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    Anything new in this area?  I want to change the size of pictures as well as have picture and text run in parallel.

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