Developer Support (freedom to add code anywhere)

From the looks of things like 'app store' and 'themes' I'll assume you already have something planned but what's the roadmap for supporting developers? Is there an incentive planned for agencies to onboard clients or to create custom, re-usable components? Can I add code to any section rather than just the HTML sections?

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    Pro users are now able to add HTML sections, as well as HTML/CSS/JS code to the header and footer! This allows users to do things such as changing colors and styles, adding animations, injecting backgrounds, adding pop-ups and chat bots etc. Here's more on that: http://support.strikingly.com/knowledgebase/articles/214734-add-html-css-javascript Please leave us another idea with more details!
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    Nicole Alonso
    I would very much like this as well. I am needing the same thing as Rick - to add a bit of code so I can have a lightbox instead of it linking to another site. The problem with containing this to an HTML only box is that instead of being able to use you beautiful template - I am having to completely design something from scratch that I like far less and it's far less efficient. At the very least - could you possibly allow html in any text box?
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    Jason Lemieux
    +1 to this. Top request.
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    rick roberts
    I agree. I just need to add a bit of code to a couple of links to make them open in a lightbox instead of directing to a new web page. It’s a pain to have to us an HTML section for that.
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