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Gallery with "Show more" button (just like on facebook album). So it wont be difficult to scroll down to the next section if I have a lot of pictures. Also an option to keep or not to keep the original quality and size of the photos. So if someone wants to download a photo from my site, he will get the original quality of the photo. Thanks!

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    Thanks for your patience! We've redesigned the gallery section and implemented the "Show More" button for all galleries on Strikingly. Depending on your site visitor's screen width and how many images you've uploaded, the "Show More" option will automatically appear at the bottom of the gallery section like this: 

    We hope this update will be useful for you!


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    Great! We'll review if we can make the "Show More" button appear on the gallery. Keep upvoting--we'll keep you posted!

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    In addition you should be able to organize your photos in Events. So you could show a few photos by event with the option of "See more" button. In my opinion, you need some organization in your Gallery and currently you show all the photos.

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