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1. Provide information for the optimal size / dpi of each graphic that we want to use with our template so we get fastest page load with best quality practical (or have enough info to make decisions on balance) 2. Provide FTP support for our file library (or WebDAV, cifs, etc.) so we can easily manage the files in our library 3. Haven't gotten this far yet, but how do you address backup and recovery?

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    Thanks for your feedback! We’re reviewing this request and we'll keep you updated if we start working on this feature. As for the backup and recovery, you can make copies of your sites by creating a clone. Here's how: http://support.strikingly.com/knowledgebase/articles/254998-clone-copy-site Thank you very much for the suggestion!
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    James Murdoch
    It would be good to have folders in the image library, or at least for images to be automatically grouped by site. It can get confusing having multiple sites all sharing one unorganised image library. There should also be separate (sub)folders for blog components on each site - otherwise after a few blog posts things will get really messy. Also helpful would be to see the filenames of images as sometimes several variations are uploaded.
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