Link do Blog Categories

Hi, I would like to link to a Blog Category in a button or in the navigation.

Something like www.x.com/blog/categoryA would be great to direct some users to the blogs that are more interesting for then.



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    Dave Weatherall

    This would be great. Especially with different blog layouts like the main blog section. It would be an easy solution to people who want multiple blogs.

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    Tonye Somiari Solutions

    I agree! It helps for other tools, like buttons or a page with list of categories or concept cloud!

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    John newell Newell

    So far, no responses from the strikingly team -
    but maybe the question we need to ask is :

    "How do I create a LINK to a listing of BLOG posts of a particular CATEGORY?"

    ( other than manually creating a list of each individual blog URL for that category )
    which seems to be the only current way to make that work .......

    I am going to ask a Happiness Officer - and see what we can get done. It's one of the very few omissions to an otherwise excellent platform.

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    Jacob Rockowitz

    I also need this feature.

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    Samantha Laffey

    I also need this feature

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    This would be extremely useful indeed.

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