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I am raising a new post as there hasn't been any progression on some of the previous ones of a similar thread.

Membership access or password only access to certain areas is a critical functionality for businesses now who want to include e-learning as part of their offering. Why hasn't this been developed for Strikingly yet despite multiple requests? Workarounds such as creating separate subdomains or pages for each page you want password only access for is just not feasible. It's also clunky/inelegant as a solution.

Please can we get some traction on this?

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    Happiness Officer
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    Sorry for the delay!

    The knowledgebase article for password protection has now been updated. However, password-protection for Multiple Page sites is still not available.

    Again, we're sorry it took us a while.

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    Agreed! Has there been any recent progress on adding this feature?

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    Allegra Catolfi Salvoni

    This is a direct quote from the knowledge base - and yet this isn't true as we are told we can't include member pages. AND no-one is responding to the request - which I find truly infuriating.


    Password-protected page links look like this: http://www.strikingly.com/i/password

    You may want to protect your page because...

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    Post and comments were above made in September and October 2016. It is now May 3, 2017.  Knowledge Base is still misleading and inaccurate.  Single page password protection for a PRO multipage website is still absent.  

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    Knowledge Base was corrected on May 4, 2017, after online chat with Happiness Officer..

    Still no simple single-page password-protection function for a multipage PRO website.

    Regrettably, I have now outgrown Strikingly.  What was once innovative is now obsolete.

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