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 I'd like to have a Newsletter Signup popup on the screen after a visitor has been on my site for say a minute or two. Could this feature be added. What do others think?.

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    Ryan Jones

    I think the word blog is the new word for newsletter - :)

    You can integrate www.hellobar.com to the site which would achieve the same thing as the pop-up that you requested, so support told me.

    If you are using the strikingly blog service, then the only way you can add subscribers is at the bottom of every posting (which is why I came onto the forum to post about).

    I think this subscription request should be added to the main blog page 

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    I also think that subscription request should be added to the main blog page.

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    This idea should've been added. 

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    Happiness Officer

    Thanks for letting us know, Ahmad!


    I sent something in your email. Check it out, and hope it helps!


    Happy new year!

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    can you please let us know how to do this now?

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