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  • Social Feed Page
    Hey Team!  You should consider updating your social feed to being able to create multiple accounts from one social...
    Andrea Garneata 1 comment
  • social feed page
    for those of us making websites for clients it would be interesting to be able to use the social feed section in a way...
    brigitte de cuyper 0 comments
  • social feeds & hashtags
    i don't know if you've seen companies like tintup ...but quick social feeds & hashtags ...as a photo preview in the...
    Breegan Heuer 2 comments
  • Adding Google+ to Social Feed
    Be able to add Google+ profile to the Social Feed section. 
    Ed Taguba 0 comments
  • Multiple Social Feeds on Multi-page Sites
    Currently there can only be one social feed plug in no matter how many actual pages there are. It seems crazy that I...
    Greg 2 comments
  • Linked Name in Social Feed Section
    It would be useful for our readers to be able to click our name (see red arrows on image) in our social feed and be...
    Jenni Siri 0 comments
  • Smaller, integrated social feed rather than a whole section
    Its great that there can now be a social feed section but having a whole section of a site dedicated to social feed is...
    Jamie McDonald 1 comment
  • Please add Pinterest feed option to Social Feed page
    Please add Pinterest feed option to Social Fed page which now includes only FB, Twitter and Instagram. Thanks!
    Alison Ryan Minaglia 1 comment
  • Allow other social media inclusions, including rss feeds
    ... an RSS embedding through the social media module. There is no question of it.
    Samuel 0 comments
  • Add Periscope Feed
    Add Social Media feed and/or button for Periscope.
    Hayfa Marengo 2 comments