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  • Add Simple Blog 10
    Can I blog on Strikingly? Definitely yes! You can add a Blog section to any of your sites and start blogging...
    by Strikingly Developer in Simple Blog
  • Hide Blog Post Date 1
      To hide the dates on your blog posts from your visitors, go into edit mode of blog post and click on the date...
    by Strikingly Growth in Simple Blog
  • Adding Simple Blog categories 4
    For bloggers who are looking for a way to organize blog posts and give your visitors a quick overview of the topics you...
    by Strikingly Growth in Simple Blog
  • Email Subscription for Blog 6
    Strikingly's blog subscription feature is an email service that's available to all Strikingly users. You'll be able to...
    by Strikingly Developer in Simple Blog
  • Pin blog post to top 2
    You can feature or "pin" any one of your blog posts - so that it always appears at the top of your blog section.  Click...
    by Strikingly Growth in Simple Blog
  • Customize blog preview image and blog post cover page 1
    You can customize blog preview image and the blog cover page by clicking "Background" located near the top right of the...
    by Strikingly Developer in Simple Blog
  • Embed Medium (Blogs)
    How do I share a Medium article or collection that I want to share to my site visitors? Medium is a web-based service th...
    by Strikingly Developer in App Store & HTML
  • Enable Commenting for Simple Blog 2
    Simple Blog has a commenting feature that lets your visitor leave comments below individual blog posts. You can easily...
    by Strikingly Developer in Simple Blog
  • Backdate Blog Posts -1
    To change the dates of your blog posts, click into the date near the top of your post in the blog post editor.  Change...
    by Strikingly Developer in Simple Blog
  • Optimize blog posts for search engines 1
    ... content  Besides the quality of the content itself, Strikingly’s Simple blog has built in a handful of ways that can clue...
    by Strikingly Developer in Simple Blog

Idea Forum

  • Blog
    A blog that competes with Wordpress blogs (and of the likes) would be really magical and would make you a superior...
    Anonymous 5 comments
  • Blog
    I like Blog Layout A however below the images I've used the content shows up on the home page which is really annoying...
    Rozalyn Willocks 0 comments
  • Sub-Blogs
    Hi there... I am wondering if it is possible to create a sub blog? For instance, I have a journal for my trips.. Sub...
    Firman Misran 1 comment
  • Blog sorting
    sometimes you have a blog post that is important that you always want to show... and it might be old.   There is no way...
    Jim Vaselopulos 2 comments
    I would like to see the ability to BLOG POST from a mobile device without the need to log in and edit---also adding...
    Kit M 2 comments
  • Blog Page
    The current summary blog page is fine, but blogs should have a separate page that would also show an inventory of all...
    Jim Vaselopulos 3 comments
  • Blog improvements
    2 things our missing: 1. Header on blog (there's logical reason not to have the same header as the website on the blog...
    simon 5 comments
  • Multi blog
    Malti blogs for one site
    Sandy Kaboul 0 comments
  • Import old blog posts into Simple Blog
    Would like to batch import old blog posts into Strikingly's blogging feature!
    Strikingly Growth 8 comments
  • Link do Blog Categories
    Hi, I would like to link to a Blog Category in a button or in the navigation. Something like www.x.com/blog/categoryA...
    Paulo Andrade 1 comment