Add collaboration feature to the "settings" button on the dashboard Jonathan 1 comment 8 votes None
to be able to track latest news on your company Tsubi Soup 2 comments 11 votes None
Transitions Brandon Reynolds 1 comment 10 votes None
Upgrade Google Analytics tag to Universal Ecedi 1 comment 8 votes None
provide Gmail login and signup for new users.!! Chaitanya 1 comment 10 votes Answered
sidenotes for blogger Saifali Sunesara 1 comment 6 votes None
Text/Email App Download Link Rob Edell 1 comment 12 votes None
Integrate with Square Rachel David 1 comment 17 votes None
分享功能建议 Megan 1 comment 8 votes None
Google Calendar in Free Account. salemsouthbaltimore 1 comment 7 votes None
Text over photographs with a contrast enhance panel Trevor 2 comments 10 votes None
HTML support for NON pro members. Anonymous 1 comment 9 votes None
Video Gallery template hiro 2 comments 14 votes None
Basic (paid) plan Paul 1 comment 12 votes None
Automatically posted a LinkedIn and Twitter notification of new blog posts Allen Flores Beltran 1 comment 11 votes None
If a cloned site would include everything Jessica 1 comment 12 votes None
Soundcloud/Audio Embed Integration Anonymous 4 comments 6 votes Completed
Outline / Glow to text for improved readability when overlaid on images wei.ben 1 comment 12 votes None
Roll over animations. Josh 1 comment 14 votes None
Get jotform Tom 1 comment 11 votes None
add support for google analytics Erik 7 comments 6 votes Completed
Heatmaps to determine where you lose people on page ★ Jason Pedwell ★ 2 comments 17 votes None
add paypal to pay for strikingly Anonymous 5 comments 6 votes Completed
Allow visitors comments Olivier Margerand 2 comments 17 votes None
Gallery to Blog Alexandra Nelli Janakakisz 1 comment 14 votes None
支持支付宝、银联 Happiness Officer 2 comments 15 votes None
tumblr integration (instant rss, pull content from my tumblr etc) Hélène Pouille 1 comment 8 votes None
MarkDown editor for Blog Posts José Ángel Jiménez Vadillo 2 comments 8 votes None
Add Linkedin Button Allen Flores Beltran 3 comments 8 votes Completed
Images, Files, Backup/recovery David 3 comments 21 votes Answered