Newbie Guide to Add Blog to Website

Hi Strikingly Superheros


Just a simple idea.  I'm  a newbie and happily created a new Strkingly website -- for free!  You guys rock!  It's been seen enough to make me happy to have it.  I then added a new Blog feature to it and published my first one.  I did not see the new blog section show up on the left menu on my website.  But weirdly, a couple of folks read the blog so I know it's somewhere out there in cyberspace.  I published my second one today, but again it's not showing on the main site.  I searched the help forum for "Blog not showing up on website menu" but didn't find anything helpful that was on point.  I resorted to asking Customer Support for help, and Yves came to my rescue quickly and said I had to log in to my dashboard, choose my website, highlight BLOG on left menu, then hit "PUBLISH" it to publish the two unpublished blogs.  It worked! Now I see the BLOG on the left menu of my public website and it links to the two blogs.

So I just wanted to say it might be nice to put up  a HELP topic on this for newbies like me.  

I really like Strikingly so thanks so much.



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