Is it possible to be able to add new images and they automatically fall to the front in the gallery instead of a continuation of pictures?

I like to upload the most recent pictures to the gallery, but it's time consuming to have them come at the bottom and having to drag them to the forefront of the gallery.

Is there some training on how to do this?


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    Hi, Douglas & Vero!

    We're glad to announce that this feature has arrived. Freely add your images either on the bottom or top of the "Gallery" section. The old days of dragging images upward are finally over! :)



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    Yes, I agree Harris! It would be great if the new pics added would automatically be shown at first and not at the end. I do know the feature holding the pic and draging but it is not comfortable. I can use this feature for one or two pics but not for the whole gallery. It is a pity that my potential clients could not see my latest work in front. Thanks in advance, best Véro    

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