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I've got an entire clientelle group of 25+ that have each signed up with their own strikingly websites. We are loving all the nifty features! One thing that we could really use is a password protected website for our team members. We would like the exclusivity to promote specials and provide ongoing educational support just for members. I see you have the feature we would like for just Pro Users. Would you kindly consider making this available for the free site users too? Even paying a fee for JUST THAT FEATURE would be incredibly helpful! Pretty please with a cherry on top? Thanks!!

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    Hi, Jacqueline! I'm not sure if we can apply the password protection to Free subscription. However, we understand how important it is for businesses to have a membership page. Currently, it is one of the most requested features and we are seriously considering its development soon. We previously received a somewhat similar request so please go to this post to 'upvote' the idea (you can also post your comments, feedback, and suggestions). I will need to close this one so we can gather the votes in a single thread, fast. Thanks for your cooperation! :)

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