Creation of 404 Page

Dear Sir


I want to give best suggestion or idea according to SEO point. Now a days SEO is more important for all website. In Strikingly there is no 404 page means when a user search wrong it will redirect to home page. but its not a solution. 


In another CMS Like Wordpress, Joomla etc.when a user search wrong information it will show 404 page and show move to home page

ref:  http://www.lakdi.in/hsdjiw


Kindly add this page asap. coz its important for you and customers


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    Greg Twemlow

    yes I agree this is important and Google penalizes a site that does not have a custom 404 page

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    Jleiva Cultura Esporte

    I agree too! Custom 404 page is very urgent and important feature.

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    Vicki Langer

    Agreed. My 404 page was going to be a huge part of my brand. I’m hoping they get on adding this.

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