Domain verification for google enterprise mail

Hey strikingly 

I'm trying to register google enterprise mail for my new company but somehow I need to verify my domain to set up email.

I tried to follow google's instruction to finish verification but it didn't work and it also confuse me a lot ( as google's instructions don't really apply to strikingly's website)

Please advise me how to do it and I would appreciate a lot !!!

(I'm a paid user of strikingly) 


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    Happiness Officer

    Hi there!

    I see that you are trying to integrate Google Apps for Work email to your domain. I checked your account and it seems you have a domain with us. Is this the domain you want to setup Google Apps on? If yes, here's how you can integrate Google Apps for Work: http://support.strikingly.com/hc/en-us/articles/214364078-Integrate-Google-Apps-with-Strikingly-Domain :)

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    Rob Nield



    I followed the suggested solution and I think the position of the tag may not be correct.



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