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Love your site and still working on building my website. Your graphics are amazing. I've included one of your videos and pictures on my site. What's disappointing is the lack of people of color. I wish you would include more options. Yes there are about 2 I could identify in your business section but pretty hard to tell. What I was looking for were diverse teams of people meeting or sitting together talking. Person of color behind a desk/or at a desk (I used the one I found on the video). A woman of color (Asian, Latina or African American) leading a meeting. So that would be my suggestion more diversity in your business videos and stock photographs. I believe you would really do amazing in that area. Otherwise I think Strikingly is awesome.

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    Great suggestion Gia and you're right, lack of diversity is quite a common problem with stock image libraries. But we're working on integrating with one of the best stock photo resources we've found - so keep your eyes peeled for the new feature :).


    Susan Lou 
    Product at Strikingly

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