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For example, it would be great to be able to add the contact form to the contact page section with social media icons, or have the option to include a text box or image into a section & adjust layout. A build-your-own layout section?

If that option isn't possible (or would start looking too much like Wix & other layout building sites), perhaps being able to reduce the width of a section to place two sections beside each other would suffice - some items like the social feed and contact form don't need to take up an entire section. Even just an auto-scaling "full-width", "half-width" or "1/3rd width" button would work for desktop & tablet sites, and on mobile devices it would just place the left to right sections in a top to bottom order.


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    Hi Rob! 

    Thanks for your patience as we worked on allowing for more customization for section layouts. We've released our new Make Your Own section, which lets you add different items like text boxes, images, videos, buttons, etc. to a section. 

    You can try it out by adding the new section from the section selector here:

    I'd love to know what you think


    Susan Lou
    Product at Strikingly 

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    Hi, Rob! 

    Thanks for reaching out! Our Product Manager will contact you to work together on this idea. 

    Check out your inbox! 



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