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improve the STORE function! loads of features to add! please reference ECWID and also enable icon/button editing. Also would be great to be able to use more payment gateways like Square or Bitcoin. I also need to edit the privacy policy/refund policy as well as other terms and conditions for buyer/seller protection. Looking forward to the updates!


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    Hey there!

    Good news! We are super happy to announce that we just rolled out a Cookies Policy and Terms & Conditions. Both will be available and customizable on your site editor, and displayed on the Simple Store Check Out and the Footer of the site.  

    You can check out more about Cookies Policy and for Terms & Conditions.

    Check it out and let us know what do you think!!





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    Lukasz Jakub

    That would be great if you will add Bitcoin payment add-on. Or implement free plugins like GoUrl https://gourl.io/bitcoin-payment-gateway-api.html

    Also, customization of customer details fields needed to proceed order will be great! I don't need to take my customers phone number, but I want to add other essential fields.



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