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Have a large news section which doesn't take up too much space and has its own in-section scrolling. that way, if you have lots of news, it doesnt mean the person who wants to get to the next sectino will never be able to scroll down to the next section because of so much news, but rather will be able to continue scrolling on the site but will have the option to scroll within the section to see the additional content/ news within that specific section.

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    Hi Ben! 

    Thanks for reaching out! I can see you decided to create a Blog section for your news. I was just going to recommend that, I think it's the best way of displaying your news. Unfortunately we are not planning to have a scroll down function for our sections. Such a long sections would be pretty hard to manage and specially to make them look awesome in mobile. I think your solution is much better! 

    I read also some of your suggestions about the Blog, we are definitely working on Blog improvements! I encourage you to take a look on the ideas already submitted regarding this topic and vote &/or comment the ones you like! As many votes as higher priority ideas will have for us! 


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