A White Label Crowd Source Theme

I am all about CROWD FUNDING , it has changed the world for the better so quickly.I would liketo havea THEME that can be white labled as to allow the needs of the site owner and the target CROWD be met. There is a few Wordpress themes already,and I own an api for one Please think of this as an opportunity to allow Strikingly to become a SAS including ecommerce. I am involved with www.Patstand.com and I can arrange a strategiv partnership that would allow HUGE exposure. The onestop platform for all things internet, and the web 2.0 leader. I will be coding in a Paystand.com account tonight. To let you see how the service would work .I am Andrew Moore, Founder of SolarBroker USA Inc. and SolarSamaritan.com a non profit I just formed to integrate FREE solar for the world. OK Talk soon!


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    Thanks for your suggestion and patience! We've just launched our Reseller program which enables entrepreneurs and agencies of all sizes to quickly build landing pages, online stores and websites for SMBs.

    We offer a cobranded reseller solution, along with client management tools, and discounted pricing for larger volume purchases. Please reach out to us here if you'd like to see a demo! 

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    Stefan Vanluyten
    I would like to white label strikingly as a whole, like in 'resell' it with the added values of my content marketing company.
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    I'm looking for a way to build a crowd-funding site. I'm not a developer or a coder. I have built simpler sites using another site builder (Weebly), but I have not found a site that would let me easily build a crowd funding site, which is what I need now for a new project.

    Hoping Strikingly will have one soon.

    I just discovered Strikingly via a new Bernie Sanders singles site.

    Judy Pokras

    editor/founder of RawFoodsNewsMagazine.com


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