More Analytics Options

More analytic integrations. Mixpanel, KISSMetrics.


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    Thanks for sending your suggestion! We know it's important to be able to monitor your site activity using various tools. We currently have Google Analytics integrated through Settings>Advanced>Services for all paid users. However, when in Pro, you can add custom codes for your site through Settings>Advanced>Custom Code>Header or Footer which enables you to use code from third-party services. Hope this helps!
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    Laurent Meurisse

    is it possible to integrate mixpanel event to a http link ? thanks

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    Yuval Eyal

    Mixpnel asks to add it's code above the header in the HTML. in settings -> add code it is possible to add coded only inside the header or below the footer.


    How to add mixpanel code to my pro site? i see that you guys are using mixpanel yourselves.


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