Themed Templates

Create templates for Daily Updates, more Blog style. Today talk about this, tomorrow that. Allow feedback. Create templates for User Suggested Internet Tools, allow feedback. Wedding templates, eh, there's so many already included in the popular Wedding Websites already. I don't see how you'd get those users away and to you. On the other hand it would be very beneficial to those who already use Strikingly because no other "make your own site is quite like strikingly". I say this with all sincerity because I have tried them all! The hardest by far us Wordpress and that's supposed to be easy. Depends on what your level of easy means and also whether or not you are computer savvy. Even Strikingly requires a bit of knowledge to create a website. This is not a pop up website like the ones offered to turn your Facebook into a website!! PLEASE DO WE REALLY NEED MORE FACEBOOK!!! Ahhhhhh NO, NO, NO!!! Facebook IS VERY sneaky and now slowly falling apart although Zuckerberg calls it splitting off, branching out. Not!!


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