Have a friend edit the page with me (multiple admins)

I have made a website for a business using. For us it would be very usefull if more than one user could edit the web page. Could it maybe be possible to invite others to be "admins" on a website?


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    We've just released our collaboration feature for PRO users. Check out the details here: http://blog.strikingly.com/strikingly-updates/strikingly-weekly-updates-04-28-2015/ Thank you again for helping us improve and shape Strikingly!
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    Vrashabh Irde
    This becomes almost a necessity now with the blogger feature. No one wants to give away admin access to employees who want to blog on the company site. Hope to see this come in
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    it would be awesome. I'm obliged to share my login with my team which is not a good practice.
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    Yes this would be great. As I have clients who'll want to do changes for themselves and I don't want them to have my user name and password.
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