reference sites using template types

quick link to view example sites who have used the same template as your are considering using.


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    Thanks for the tip, Peter! You can view the sites we have and which templates are in use by clicking on "Discover" on your Strikingly account dashboard. Feel free to email us at support@strikingly.com if you have more questions!
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    Savana rose woods Rose woods

    That isn't what Peter meant. If you are looking at template styles IN the editor, you can't tell what various sites might look like using it. 

    There's another issue to - just the reverse. When I am browsing sites on Discover to get inspired for a new client website, I can't tell what template they used! I'm constantly asking cust service to figure it out for me. You need to have the name of template WITH the example sites. I waste alot of time trying to figure out what template was used. 


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