Change colour of buttons on simple blog

To keep with colours and branding, we would like to be able to also customise the colours on the blog section. We can change the colour of dates and titles but not able to change button colours, can we please have this ability.


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    Hi Strikingly bloggers! It's now possible to customize the call-to-action buttons in the Simple Blog Post using our Custom Colors feature under your [STYLE] panel.

    You can automatically upload your logo and we'll grab your brand colors from it and automatically apply it to the buttons in the post.

    Looking forward to hearing from you to see if this is what you're looking for :) 

    Susan Lou
    Product @ Strikingly 

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    Thank you for sending this in! I see that you want more control on your blog's button colors. I’ll have the team review your idea and see what they think!

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