Set margins between sections (less space on the page)

The basic sections to build a site that you offer resume the most common needs when building a website. Nevertheless, the possibility to use sections (like a media section) to display a horizontal graphic within another section fails short when the margin between them is fixed.


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    Angela Ognev
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    Thank you for your feedback! We are looking into how to effectively implement space control between sections. (Make sure to "empty" and "save" any text boxes you do not need, so that the section collapses!)
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    Admin LT

    A common problem I run into with Strikingly is too much space between sections - especially on mobile phones. A recurring problem has been with copyright text on the very bottom. I've needed custom code for that (which is not ideal).

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    Gwenaelle Pellerin

    Hi everyone, did you came across a solution for this problem ? how can i implement a custom code for that ? thanks a lot for your help!

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