Custom 404 error page redirection for PRO users (remove Strikingly advertisement)

My concern is that when someone receives or enters a broken link to one of my site's blogs (or all broken links after the second forward slash). They are greeted with what is essentially an advertisement for Strikingly.

This damages our site's usability and SEO. Even for PRO subscribers.

However, 404 pages on other websites present a "Page not found" native landing page with useful links to redirect misguided traffic back to their website.
This is also a professional feature when sending links to clients for scheduling of which are yet to go live.
Quote from Strikingly Happiness Officer:
"Other providers offer a redirection in case those errors happens. Strikingly just show this page. Unfortunately, there is not much to do regarding that."
I was later advised to post this idea to the forum. What do you think?

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    Vicki Langer

    I’m happy to know I am not crazy or alone. I was actually excited to design my 404 page. It was going to be a key part of my branding. I guess they aren’t changing this, but here’s to hoping. 🤞🏻

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