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Hello Strikingly.

I love the platform - I am currently using on a trial basis.

I build websites for clients from home and I wish you offered a one off annual fee payment to allow the build of unlimited sites using PRO PLAN.

I do not charge my clients a monthly hosting fee and I build sites fast and sell them cheap (Probably 3 a week on average) - I just charge for site creation.

I prefer your platform to the one I am currently using - you offer me everything I could need but the current price plan is definitely an issue.

Client preview would also be great and no monthly costs - just a one off annual fee to yourselves would be ideal - I am sure this would bring you an awful lot of business from web designers, developers etc.

I personally, do not need a white label solution as long as Strikingly branding can be removed (I also invoice my clients directly) so I would not need that functionality via Strikingly



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    Hi Shaun!

    We've just launched our Reseller program which is a cobranded solution, along with client management tools, preview site too, and discounted pricing for large volume purchases. Please reach out to us here if you'd like to see a demo!

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