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Hi Guys,

Congratulations on the new Blog Post layouts.

2 Product Improvement Requests.

- Request #1. Let us manage the order of our blog posts the same way we "manage pages" so we pick the order they display.  Right now you have to hack the dates they post to get them to display.  Would like to publish an online magazine with everything on the same issue/post date and pick the order in which the articles display to the readers.

- Request #2.  In the blog post summaries please allow the option to display the "Subtitle" of the article in the summary layouts.

Many thanks and strkingly users please comment and vote this in.  Have a blessed day.


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    Happiness Officer
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    Hi Dream, 

    Thank you for sending us the feedback! We have just released a hide blog post date feature. This feature might be useful for answering your first request. 

    We'll continue to improve the blog so thanks in advance for your patience!

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    Dave Weatherall

    Yes, thanks for the updates Strikingly. I 2nd this Idea.

    Also, please add links to the blog categories so we can use them as if they are multiple blogs. Without links, we cannot do this.


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    Liz Rice

    Just ran into this blog post ordering issue, but I can't even find a way to "hack" the dates. I have tried unpublishing and republishing, but it seems the posts are determined to be displayed in reverse order to when they were created, not published. I'd suggest that at least ordering by publish date would make more sense than having to delete posts and recreate them to get them to appear at the top. 

    (Pinning is no use to me because (a) it's only going to allow me to prioritize one post (b) the star looks ugly)

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