Control sliders - transitions and timing

I wanted to change the transition  in my slider to a fade, rather than flying in - but was told I need to create a custom slider at another site and point to it.  Would be great if we could change the transition ourselves, right in Strikingly. 


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    I am interested in this as well. Also, I'd like to be able to adjust the slider duration to a more specific time frame. Slow is too slow, fast is too fast, so somewhere in the middle would be perfect.

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    Me too. It's like 8 seconds if it's slow and 2 seconds if it's fast. Slow is too slow by a long way. Fast if it lingered for another second it would be fine. Is there anyway to update the JavaScript yourself? Any timeframe on an update for this? If this is suppose to be used for a home page as many sites are it's poor that this has been designed with this limitation..

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