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I want to use multiple pages in a row that have an image and text in it (I am using Content in Rows section for that). However, background color changes between colors I have chosen (not all white), but text box color is always white. It looks really ugly having grey background color and white text box in it.

Is it possible to change text box color or opacity? Only solution I can think of is to change both colors to white (which makes website rather boring).

Also, is there a way to choose background color for every section? It seems I have to structure my website according to the randomness of the background color, which is really strange...



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    Hi Martin!

    Thanks for sending this to us - we've just released a new background color tool. You'll be able to pick from a curated set of colors and apply it to any section background. Currently, this is available for the majority of our themes. 

    Let us know if you find it helpful and thanks again for your patience :). 


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    I agree.. this would make the site ability to look different (more customized) for each client and not all the basic same template.. individual color block options, being able to change section sizing,  would go a long way in strikingly becoming my go to source for my clients.. right now.. i am torn between strikingly and some other sources..

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