Allow Free Users Free Upgrade to HTTPS

Free users are gypped. I received an email about, and it clearly states on my dashboard, "Free HTTPS for Everyone!" 

However, this is all an illusion, a bait-and-switch tactic to force free users to upgrade to a paid subscription account. That is illegal.

Strikingly should reexamine its policy and honor its commitment to giving EVERYONE free HTTPS as promised. Some of us SMBs and individual consultants such as myself simply do not have to resources to purchase a subscription, let alone a custom domain, as per currently required. 

Who else agrees?

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    I'm shocked to have only just discovered this. Even free Wordpress, even wix gives you a secure site for free for crying out loud - no strings attached.

    Any site nowadays being served via http instead of https is useless, regardless of the kind of site - ie that means free strikingly is useless - 

    Can someone from strikingly please confirm asap - with an honest answer - anyone creating a new site TODAY, as a free site only, will NOT have a secure site unless they take out a paid upgrade (to map their own domain name?)  

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