BLOGGERS BEWARE: Twitter share icon default tweets @Strikingly

Unfortunately I have had to post here to forewarn others and hopefully bring attention to this issue because support@strikingly.com won't recognise my problem. I am otherwise a happy customer of Strikingly.

As you can see from the screenshots below. When my readers share my blog posts on Twitter, the default tweet is "Check out this awesome website on @Strikingly".

This is essentially free advertising and referrals through my blog. As a Pro user, this is really disappointing. I pay to remove Strikingly branding.

Also, it is important that my readers mention my Twitter account, not Strikingly's so I can communicate with them.

Here's what support has to say:

"the exposure works both ways, since we reply to the Twitter on the thread."

How can I benefit from exposure when @Strikingly is the account being mentioned when my readers share my blog posts? Only Strikingly is benefiting by essentially stealing my exposure.

...It gets worse...

@Strikingly are replying to my readers on Twitter with suggestions on how to improve my website!
One reply from @Strikingly said to one of my readers "You might want to add a contact form to keep in touch with your readers"
Strikingly are tweeting improvement suggestions about my website to my readers. That's embarrassing and ironic I guess because this default mention to @Strikingly (with no mention to my own Twitter account) stops me from keeping in touch with my readers.
I have explained this multiple times to support@strikingly.com and they continue to say it is good for my exposure. It doesn't make sense.
This angers me as a customer because customer support refuse to recognise my issue and have say it is for my own good.
I hope this post will shed light on the situation.
EDIT: There is a 'solution'. I have to go through 50+ blog posts and change the social sharer to the primary icon options (the icons without the share-counts). It will waste hours of my time. Strikingly, please consider removing the default Strikingly-branded tweet on blog posts for Pro users. I am sure this will pop-up up again as your user-base grows or when more people use the blog feature.



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    Hi Dave! 

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention - we're removing the "@Strikingly" mention in the Twitter mention as the default message. Bloggers won't need to go through and manually change the share icons.

    We're sorry you had such a frustrating experience. You have an amazing blog and we want to do everything we can to empower your its growth! 

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