Add indian currency in payment

hey please add indian currency in payment we r facing problem our customer's are facing trouble with this  


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    Yeah please add Indian Rupees(INR) currency! I'm Indian and I need it for people here to shop on my website. Please, it's a small and easy option to be done quickly, give that option as fast as possible. Thank you!

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    Shibaram Mishra

    Yes, I am not recommending many clients because of the lack of INR payment gateway in strikingly


    now that paypal has started, pls integrate it too


    Check this article https://www.paypal.com/in/webapps/mpp/enable-inr-for-merchants



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    Happiness Officer

    Hello there!

    Glad to inform you that "Indian Rupee" is already available. Head over on this article for the complete list of the currencies supported on our Simple Store. Also, this thread will be closed as it's a duplicate. Feel free to leave your comments, feedback, and suggestions on this post. Best regards!

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