Strikingly Anti-Spam Requirements

When you send emails with Strikingly, we require you to conform to our anti-spam guidelines. We enforce these guidelines in order to ensure high email deliverability and to ensure your emails are not marked as spam in your recipients’ inboxes!

Note: These requirements apply to all emails you send from Strikingly, including newsletters, individual audience emails, and automatic email notifications sent to your audience.


  • We automatically add an unsubscribe link in the footer of every email from Strikingly --- you don’t have to do anything. If a recipient unsubscribes, they will no longer receive the relevant email. (Emails without an unsubscribe link are more likely to be marked as spam.)
  • We add a permission reminder in the footer of every email. This reminds recipients why they’re receiving this email and which website this email is coming from, in case they mistakenly believe your email is spam. You can edit the permission reminder to fit your own situation. If you manually add email recipients (contacts that did not fill out a form on your website), make sure you do not email those users unless you’ve received the recipients' consent. 



  • Every email must include a valid physical address to reach you. Please add your physical address in Email Notifications in the site editor, and we'll insert this address into all the emails you send.


  • Don't use illegal or suspicious words in your email. Strikingly has a filter to detect spam content and your emails may be blocked if they trigger it.



  • In the Email Notification settings, you may set an email address in the “From Email” field to specify the address shown in your recipients’ inbox. This email address must be a real one that you own. (When you set a new “From Email,” you will be asked to verify your ownership with a code.)


  • Please observe any additional anti-spam laws that apply to you and your jurisdiction.


International Requirements By Country

Email regulations vary by country, so you may be subject to additional regulations depending on both the location of your business and your contacts. It's your responsibility to ensure that you comply with the latest requirements that apply to you. For your convenience, here are some links to the anti-spam regulations of different countries.


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