How to Create Shipping Labels

Sending products to your customers has been made easier with our built-in shipping label solution. You can print shipping labels directly using the order details, so you don't have to manually write or type these pieces of info before mailing. 

  1. Go to your store manager and click [ORDERS], then pick one from the orders list.
  2. On the order details page, click the "Print Details" button.


  3. On the printing options screen, set the following options:



  • In "More settings" on the print options, don't forget to un-tick "Headers and footers" to prevent the site editor URL from showing on the shipping label.
  • By default, the print preview size is set to 100%. If this scale looks a bit large or too small, you can adjust the "Scale" in "More Options" by selecting "Custom" by increasing or decreasing the percentage. Here's an example:



We hope you'll find this feature useful! In case you need help, drop us a line at or chat with us.

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