Show Product Reviews

You can request reviews from your customers and decide which reviews to display for each product. It’s good to build trust in your store and convert visitors to customers.


Note: This feature is only available for Pro users & above.


1. Enable Product Reviews

You can find this feature in your Store > Product Reviews and click “Enable Product Reviews”. When enabled, our system will automatically send an email seven days after an order is fulfilled, requesting the customer to write a review. 


2. Fulfill an order by clicking "Complete"

You must click the “Complete” button to trigger the invitation to product reviews! Click on a “Pending” order in Store > Orders, and you’ll find the “Complete” button in the bottom right corner of the order details.




3. Manage Product Reviews

When a customer submits a new review, you will receive an email notification. New reviews will appear in the “Pending” list under Settings > Store > Product Reviews, and you can decide to approve or reject them. Only approved product reviews will be displayed in your online store.


4. Disable Product Reviews

You can disable the Product Reviews feature by clicking “Disable reviews.” Once disabled, your customers will not be able to submit new reviews, and existing reviews will be hidden on your site. (You can re-enable this at any time.)



5. What your customers will see

  • Your customers will receive the “Product review request” email 7 days after the order has been fulfilled.


  • When your customer clicks “Write review” in the email, they will be taken to your website, which will display a pop-up for writing product reviews.



  • Submitted reviews will be pending your approval. When approved, they will be displayed under the corresponding product in your store.__2021-05-14_11.47.37.png


Note: You can view the email templates by clicking the “View Email Templates” button in the Product Review tab.


Or, you can also go to your Settings > Email Notifications > Show Advanced Options. The “Product review request” email is editable.



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