Mobile View in Editor

You can now toggle mobile view in the site editor! See how your site looks on phones as you’re editing content. No need to keep flipping back and forth between editor and preview. (Note: Editing in mobile view will also change the desktop version.)



Edit in mobile view

In the editor toolbar above the "Publish" button, click the Phone toggle to edit your site content and organize sections within the mobile preview.


The editor will now be optimized for mobile view editing:


You can do these with mobile view editing:

  • Edit text, images, backgrounds, and other components
  • Add sections
  • Move sections up or down
  • Delete section

Please remember that editing your mobile preview also affects the desktop view of your site!



Q: Can I preview my site in tablet view?

A: No, we currently don't support that.


Q: How can I edit my mobile site separately? I want it to be different.

A: Unfortunately, we don't support this yet. But please contact customer support if you'd like this feature! We log all feature requests.


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